Fit More Walking into Your Schedule

Posted Jul 31st, 2017

Fit More Walking into Your Schedule

Walking is an easy, low-impact way to get your body moving. Here are some creative ways to fit more of it into your schedule.

At Conformacare, we always emphasize the importance of regular exercise to keeping your body healthy, and preventing injury, but it's not always easy to fit exercise into our busy daily lives. Walking is an easy way to add a little extra movement in; it's free, and can be done almost anywhere.

Here are a few ideas for getting in a little extra walking on a daily basis.

  • Park a few blocks away from your destination, and walk the rest of the way.
  • Take the stairs rather than the elevator; even start with just a flight or two.
  • If your child plays sports, take a 10 minute stroll around the field during practice, rather than sitting in the stands.
  • Start a family tradition of taking a 20 minute walk together after dinner.
  • If you're at work and need to talk to a colleague on a different floor, walk there and talk in person instead of calling or emailing.
  • Make a standing date with a friend or neighbour to walk together once a week.
  • Keep comfortable walking shoes in your car or at the office so that your footwear never prevents you from taking an opportunity for a walk.
  • Set an alarm as a reminder to walk each day.

For more tips and advice for adding more exercise to your daily routine, contact our office today to book a consultation.

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