Sleep for Pain Management

Posted Jul 31st, 2017 in Tips & Advice From Our Team

Sleep for Pain Management

Sleep plays a crucial role when it comes to managing pain, but it's often underestimated. Here's how, and what to do if your pain is hindering your sleep.

In order to effectively cope with pain, it's important to get enough quality sleep every single night. Without it, you'll begin to feel worn down, and will be less able to deal with pain and stress.

Pain and sleep have a reciprocal, interdependent relationship. Poor sleep and compound the pain experience under certain conditions, and actually make you more vulnerable to physical pain.

So, if you're struggling with pain, it's essential that you get quality sleep every night. But what if the pain is hindering your ability to sleep?

Whether you have an acute injury or a chronic pain condition, pain can disrupt sleep. Unexpected bursts of pain can jolt you awake, or constant, dull pain can keep you from drifting off in the first place.

It's a frustrating conundrum: you need sleep to manage pain, but the pain is what's keeping you awake!

Physiotherapy Can Help.

If you are suffering from pain that is disrupting your sleep, the physiotherapists at Conformacare can help. We can provide rehabilitative treatments to help you recover from or manage your pain, and provide you with the tools you need to keep it from re-occurring.

Contact our team today, and get on the path to a better nights sleep – free of pain!

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